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DuTEL Telecom specializes in the rental and temporary installation of telephones, telephone systems and computer networking for temporary or short term production clients. DuTEL serves the Motion Picture, Television, News and Online production communities. 

All of our multi-line systems and phones are supplied with all of the available system features; speed dialing, redial, and conferencing just to name a few. We also include all programming, maintenance, and user training at no additional charge. In addition, DuTEL will handle ordering and coordinate the installation of dial tone with the local telephone operating company.

Do you need prop phones, on-set "practicals" or special phones for stages? No problem for DuTEL. 

Need special service lines such as ISDN or T-1?  If you need more bandwidth, we can help.  Again, it is no problem for DuTEL to help you meet your needs. 

When you need remote location phone systems and computer networking for your production, DuTEL is the world's leader in this specialized area. We will, of course, be happy to supply you with top-flight industry references if you desire.

Telecommunications for the world of entertainment and news is our only business. We believe you will find our product excellent, our service responsive, and our rates competitive. The professional staff of DuTEL combines decades of experience in entertainment, production, and news with a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of telecommunications.

Please call our North Hollywood office at 818-765-2799 and speak to one of our applications engineers for a no-cost quotation on your needs.