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The Beginning:
DuTEL Telecommunications, Inc. started out almost by accident. Founded by the late Tom Durell, DuTEL was born in New York City at the Statue Of Liberty on Liberty Weekend in 1986.
Several of Tom's friends in the entertainment industry were involved in producing Liberty Weekend and needed a temporary phone system in New York City, not to buy... only to rent. Tom just happened to have a system and some phones in his garage, so he (and several boxes of equipment) boarded a plane and went to The Big Apple to handle telecommunications for the huge David Wolper production.
The Word Got Out:
Word soon spread about this "temporary phone system you don't have to buy," and Tom, a sound engineer by profession, bought more phones and systems and spent less and less time doing the sound on movies and television shows. With the big phone companies (Pacific Bell, Bell Atlantic, GTE) providing "dial tone only" and no longer leasing equipment, Tom's little venture found a ready and willing clientele.

Professionalism and technical expertise, plus years of experience in the entertainment business, helped Tom and DuTEL stay very busy, taking new clients only by referral and still maintaining an unlisted phone number until 1999!
Every new staff member was trained in the "DuTEL Way," where TODAY means TODAY, and "the show MUST go on." That is still how we do it today.

Friends In High Places:
DuTEL's client list reads like a "Who's Who" in the world of entertainment production, news, fund raising and even politics. This could only have happened because of Tom Durell's unique background and because we have always valued and earned our clients' trust and confidence.
Tom is no longer with us and the company continues on, evolving and growing with our customers, yet always vigilant to not take on too much, too fast! The company is owned by three of the employees, and so we don't answer to a group of uninvolved stockholders. Ours is a business built on loyalty and personal relationships, where each client's needs are of paramount concern to each and every member of the DuTEL Team.

Changing Every Day:
We still do awards shows and special events and have been involved in the last four presidential elections.  As television has changed, so have we.  Reality television may not have a staff of writers and actors, but the need for communications and computers is huge and DuTEL serves this vast array of productions.  We’ve been there for Liberty Weekend, the making of Titanic, the political conventions, the birth of Survivor and so much more!