You found the Pictures! 

These are some of the DuTEL Doggies, cats...and people.


The DuTEL guys do the Oscars


And now, the Kids.

Lilly Hines (1998-2008)   Angie and Steve   Rusty and Melvena  Buddy Hines

Tim and Mr. Coffee   Lilly & Craig   Bud & Mr. Coffee

Richard & Angie   Goldie, Bud & Angie   Goldie & Angie

Mr. Coffee, Buddy & Brandon   Roxie (Rescue-died 2009)   Rascal

 Bridget   Roxie & Craig  Mr. Coffee & Paulann

Chauncey The Man (17!)   Nikki & Bridget    Roxie & Buddy

  Buddy & Angie (a couple!)     Charley & Melvena

Richard & his special Cat  Mr. Coffee & Garrett  Craig & Bridget

Goldie Hines    Mr. Coffee, the Poser    The Hines Dogs: Buddy, Bridget, Coffee & Nikki

Brodie & Vada Brodie     Callie Kitty     Melvena & Dolly

OJay     Guess her name?  Miss Jingles!     Mr. Coffee & Rascal, best friends!

  Brandon & Coffee, Nikki & Bridget    Melvena & Pal     Melvena & Pal

Dewey  Brothers Mr. Coffee & Mr. Baker

Craig, can I help?  "NIKKI"   Goldie the amazing rescue dog    DuTEL's very missed LILLY Hines.  An amazing girl...

Scooter  Peter von Schnauzer  Dolly & Melvena

Shih Tzu 1 & 2, Abby and Domino - gone - and missed.    Tom Durell and Willy - gone but never forgotten!   

The Late Lilly Hines - Ms. DuTEL    Willy Durell - The Original DuTEL Dog.   


And... there are more to come.  We love pets.  Can you tell?


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From a few simple phone lines and a DSL line to a major production office or a huge political event or concert,
DuTEL is ready and able to help.  If you want ideas, prices, or just to brainstorm, contact us!

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